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Ball Valve
Flowjet Offer a whole range of Ball valves in a variety of sizes, pressure ratings and materials, in wafer style, or screwed, welded or flanged connections

A ball valve has a quarter turn spindle connected to a ball inside the valve. The ball has a hole, or port, through the middle so that when the port is in line with both ends of the valve, flow will occur. When the valve is closed, the hole is perpendicular to the ends of the valve, and flow is blocked.The handle position lets you see the valve's position. On a floating ball type, the upstream pressure
Ball Valve
presses the ball against the seat, giving a tight shut off. On a trunnion mounted type, the ball is fixed; seat sealing action is achieved by the thrust of springs acting on the seat rings, as the pressure increases the fluid pressure pushes the seat rings against the ball.

Ball Valves are Strong enough & Usually work to achieve the perfect shutoff even after years of No use. Therefore Ball Valves are Perfect Choice for Shutoff Application & are often preferred to globe & Gate valve for this purpose, especially in smaller size.

However, standard ball valves do not offer the fine control that may be necessary in throttling applications, but V ported ball variations are available for control purposes. The unrestricted bore in full bore ball valves make them ideal for hot tapping andpigging.

Being a quarter turn from fully open to fully closed, and having a relatively low operating torque, ball valves can be readily actuated for remote operation
Variants -Single Pcs
-Two Pcs Design
-Three Pcs Design
-Flush Bottom Ball Valve
-Fire Tested Design To API 607 /BS 6755-II
-Three Way Ball Valve
Mfg Design BS 5351/ASME B 16.34/API 6D-ISO 14313/API 608/MSS SP 72
Face To Face Dimension As Per ASME B 16.10 / ISO 5752 / BS 2080 / API 6D-ISO 14313 / DIN
End Connection Flange & Butt Weld
Flexible lip seats compensate for wear and changes in pressure
Blow out proof stem construction
Antistatic devices ensure electrical continuity between ball, stem & body
Triple stem sealing
ISO 5211 top pad for simplified gear/actuator mounting
Body & Connetion ASTM A 216 WCB / A 217 WC6 / A 217 WC9 / A 217 C5 / A 217 C12 / A 351 CF8 / A 351 CF8M / A 351 CF3 / A 351 CF3M / A 352 LCB
Ball, Stem & Gland ASTM A 351 CF8 / A 351 CF8M / A 182 F304 / A 182 F316 / A 182 F 6a
Body Seal PTFE / Graphoil / Spiral Wound SS 316 wITH Graphoil
Seats PTFE / GET / Graphite filled PTFE
Gland Bush ASTM A 182 F304 / A 182 F316 / A 182 F 6a
Gland Packing Graphoil / PTFE
Stem Packing Graphite fILLED PTFE / Graphoil
Gland Nut & Stem Nut Stainless Steel
Lever Carbon Steel With Pvc Sleeve
Disc Spring Carbon Steel
Studs / Bolts ASTM A 193 B7 / A 193 B7M / A 193 B8 / A 193 B8M / A 320 L7
Nut ASTM A 194 2H / A 194 B7M / A 194 B / A 194 8M / A 194 4/7