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Strainers come in several different styles based on the needs. A plate strainer is the simplest, in which water flows through a perforated plate. Often the plate is corrugated shape to increase surface area.

A basket strainer is a design where the strainer is shaped like a basket and usually installed in a vertical system.

The basket strainer is easier to clean, since debris is captured in the basket.
Ball Valve
It can also sometimes offer more straining surface area than a plate strainer, improving flow rates, or decreasing pressure loss through the strainer.
Available in Different Types
Type: Weir/straight through/Basket/ “y” Type
End Connections: Conforming BS-5156 flanged to ANSI B-16.1 Class 125/150 lbs, DIN-3202-F1, PN-10/PN-16 etc.
Sizes: 15mm to 350mm
Operating Temperature: Rubber diaphragm will handle majority of the flow upto 80o C, other diaphragm materials are available for higher temperature upto 180o C
Body Material: Cast iron/Cast steel/316 ST.ST./Gunmetal/Alloy 20 Unlined & Lined PFA, FEP, ETFE & ECTFE ( Hallar ) & PVDF Lined & Plastic Valves, etc.
Body Rating: ANSI Class 125/150 lbs
Body Lining: Neoprene/Natural/Rubber/Ebonite/Glass/Teflon/EPDM/FRP, Food grade etc.
Body Diaphragm: Natural Neoprene, Hyplon, Butyl, EPDM, PTFE with neo, EPDM PAD, Viton, Nitrile Buna-N, Food grade, etc.