Ball Valve

3PC Design Screw End / Socket End

Ball valves are available in a variety of types. One such is the 3PC Screwed End Ball Valve which is often used for different purposes. These are strong and work undoubtedly fine to achieve shutoff even if they were not in use for years. But it all comes down when you choose the best 3pc screwed end ball valve manufacturers in India like us ” Flow Jet Valve”.

Floating Ball Valve

Among the types of ball valve designs that exist, floating ball valves are one of them. These come with a stem or shaft attached to the top of the ball which rotates it 90 degrees ( a quarter turn) to operate. They help to regulate the flow of fluids and gases in multiple industries. When looking forward to working on industrial piping systems, floating ball valves are mostly used.

Trunion Mounted Ball Valve

Trunnion-mounted ball valves can be understood as quarter-turn valves that are employed to halt or re-establish media flow in a pipe. These are basically design modifications from “free-floating” ball valves, which are the most prevalent form. The trunnion ball valve features a Trunnion anchoring at the top and the bottom of the ball that helps in tight sealing.

Fully Welded Ball Valve

A fully welded ball valve is usually used to get rid of the leak-prone areas. They are fully welded and have a forged body that increases strength and decreases weight. In a variety of pipeline systems, they are used to connect and disconnect the medium’s flow. When searching for the best fully welded ball valve manufacturers, you can rely on us “Flow Jet Valves”.
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