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Dual Plate Check Valve

A check valve or non-return valve which normally allows to flow through it in only one direction.

Check valves are two-port valves, means they have two openings in the body, one for fluid to enter and the other for fluid to leave. There are various types of check valves used in a wide variety of applications. Although they are available in a wide range of sizes and costs, Check valves work automatically and most are not controlled An important concept in check valves is the cracking pressure which is the minimum upstream pressure at which the valve will operate.

A swing check valve or tilting disc check valve is check valve in which the disc, the movable part to block the flow, swings on a hinge or trunnion, either onto the seat to block reverse flow or off the seat to allow forward flow.

A lift-check valve is a check valve in which the disc, can be lifted up off its seat by higher pressure of inlet or upstream fluid to allow flow to the outlet or downstream side. A guide keeps motion of the disc on a vertical line, so the valve can later reseat properly. When the pressure is no longer higher, gravity or higher downstream pressure will cause the disc to lower onto its seat, shutting the valve to stop reverse flow.

True Distributors of a Dual Plate Check Valve

The dual plate type check valve is a type of check valve that allows flow exclusively in one direction. The disc in a check valve, also known as a swivelling disc, swings onto the seat to stop backflow and off the seat to let flow through. This is accomplished with the use of a hinge or trunnion. If you don't use the premium dual plate check valve we provide, you won't succeed. Flow Jet Valve, as a renowned dual plate check valve supplier, ensures that its products will meet or surpass the standards of many different markets by employing only the highest quality components.

With The Flow Jet Valve, You May Get A Dual Plate Check Valve That Is Loaded With Features

At Flow Jet Valve, the leading dual plate check valve manufacturer in Ahmedabad, we make a dual plate check valve that is superior to others in the industry. A lift-check valve allows fluid to pass through it when the inlet pressure exceeds the output pressure. The disc is rotated about a vertical axis to allow for a correct reseating of the valve. The disc falls onto its seat and the valve closes when the pressure upstream decreases, preventing backflow. As professional dual plate check valve manufacturers, we also offer competitively priced, fully automatic, and unattended dual plate check valves in a wide range of sizes and configurations. Our upstream cracking pressure is the lowest pressure required to open our check valve.

To ensure the quality of the finished products, our skilled engineers at Flow Jet Valve, one of the outstanding dual plate check valve manufacturers in India, greatly consider every step of production. The products are well-made and aesthetically pleasing. Because of these and other enhancements, we are now widely recognized as one of India's premier suppliers of dual plate check valves.

Competitive Pricing on Dual Plate Check Valves!

Flow Jet Valve has an unrivalled dedication to quality, and we go above and beyond to give our customers the best dual plate check valves on the market. Our product has several applications and benefits, such as its high-pressure resistance and minimal maintenance costs. We spent a great deal of time working with an experienced team to design a dual plate check valve that can be utilized in many different contexts with minimal adjustment. Because we are one of the top dual plate check valve manufacturers, we take great care during every stage of production to guarantee that our valves require minimal maintenance during their entire service lives, no matter how difficult the conditions at work.

Top-Quality Dual Plate Check Valves Sourced Directly From Established Manufacturers and Distributors In The Field

In order to keep our reputation as the premier supplier of dual plate valves in India, we inspect each and every unit for defects in construction, materials, and workmanship. Our two plate check valves are built with safety and the environment in mind for optimal performance in a variety of applications. The high-quality steel construction guarantees that they will continue to hold up well over time. In addition to manufacturing high-quality dual plate check valves, we offer tailored solutions to meet the specific requirements of each of our customers.

VARIANTS Swing ,Lift, Dual, Wafer
  • The product designs are in accordance to ANSI B16.34 / BS1868 / IBR with reliable sealing & sturdy construction to ensure excellent performance.
  • Suitable for the horizontal & vertical pipe runs.
  • “NON-SLAM” arrangement i.e. Dash Pot arrangement can be provided.
  • Pressure sealed bonnet for ANSI#900 and above to provide excellent sealing against increased line pressure.
  • Full range of Body / Cover / Bonnet & Trim material.
  • Valves are available in both Flange End & Butt Weld ends.
NO. Description
1. Body
2. Seat ring
2a. Soft seated ring
3. Disc
4. Spring
4a. Hinge
5. Flange seal
6. Stem shaft / hinge pin