Gate Valve

Forge Steel Gate Valve

Forge Steel Gate Valve is made based on forged techniques that use thermal energy to solid blocks of metal and the technical mechanism made the ultimate solid valve. The valve’s movement is attached to the centre line of the passage and it moves in a vertical direction. For better understanding, Forge Valve is the key that operates the shut-off function when installed in a pipeline.

Cast Steel Gate Valve

There are different varieties of gate valves available and the Cast Steel Gate valve is one of them. The reason being this name is, that this particular type of gate valve is made with Cast Steel using a special type of mechanism. When you’re dealing with high-pressure installations like gas, oil, oil vapour, steam etc. Cast Steel Valve is the only solution you can rely on which operates with straight-through ports.

Knife Edge Gate Valve

Knife gate valves are primarily made for isolation and on-off services in systems with high suspended particle contents. Knife gate valves are particularly useful for managing viscous, corrosive, and abrasive media in addition to the slurry. It works by enabling unhindered, easy passage of thick media over soft seals. Knife gate valves are now available in huge sizes and are employed in different processing plants all over the world.
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