Knife Edge Gate Valve

Flowjet have a wide range of GATE VALVES in variety of types, sizes, pressure ratings and materials, with wafer type, screwed, welded or flanged connections. Flowjet Manufacture Gate valves in every size ranging from the smallest to the largest size Gate Valve name is derived from the operation of the Gate valve.

The Valve Acts like a Gate to stop or allow the flow through the valve. The valve can be opened by lifting the wedge out of the path of the flow Gate valves are actually designed for closing & opening full , so they are not suitable for the Throttling purpose. When the Gate valve is fully open, there is no Obstruction in the Flow path, resulting in very low pressure drop, & they are often suitable for the Hot Tapping & Pigging.

Gate Valves are actually designed for use with the flow of liquids and Gases but there are variation to cope with the specific requirements.

For example, one problem with wedge gate valves in steam service is that when the valve is closed and steam is brought into the system, the metal wedge expands and can get stuck, making opening the valve difficult or impossible.

Knife-gate valves are used when deposit may block a normal wedge gate. The gate is a narrow plate with a shaped edge to cut through solids. They are ideal for applications with a high suspension of solids or fibrous content such as powders, slurry, ash and pulp. Care should be taken when specifying knife gate valves to state whether flow is uni- or bi-directional.

Leading Manufacturers of Knife Edge Gate Valve

Knife gate valves are primarily made for isolation and on-off services in systems with high suspended particle contents. Knife gate valves are particularly useful for managing viscous, corrosive, and abrasive media in addition to the slurry. It works by enabling unhindered, easy passage of thick media over soft seals. Knife gate valves are now available in huge sizes and are employed in different processing plants all over the world.

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  • Metal Seated Wedge Gate Valves
  • Resilient Seated Wedge Gate Valves
  • Cap top, hand wheel, gearbox or actuated option
END CONNECTIONFlange & Butt Weld


  • Anti-frictional Ball bearings in higher sizes and classes.
  • The strength of Stem to Gate connection is stronger than the strength of the Stem at the root of the operating thread
  • Outside screw and yoke construction
  • Valves with backseat arrangement
  • Bi-directional shut-off
  • Gland is of self aligning
  • Deep stuffing box
  • Low Pressure Drop & Lower Erosion
  • The Body to Bonnet is male and female joint and ring joint is used in higher classes
2.Seat ring
2a.Soft seated ring
5Flange seal
6Stem shaft / hinge pin